Digital Strategy

We envision the direction your organization will take to create new competitive advantages through technology, and the tactics you will use to achieve those changes.

Perform online with digital

The strategic solution to be able to stand out online and draw a clear statement of your digital operations.

Creation of Customer Profiles

Represents a type of user who is likely to use your site, brand or product in a similar way.

Design your Value Proposition

This tool ensures that a product or service is positioned according to the customer's values and needs.

Social Media Strategy

Modern businesses feel new or stuck on social media today. They need the best possible strategy to thrive digitally.

SEO strategy

The main role of an SEO strategy is to be positioned first in Google. Oyiana strives to achieve this goal.

Content Development

Content development is essential for any business, as it builds trust and traffic cumulatively, resulting in better results and greater value over time.

Objectives, Analyses & Measures

Ultimately, the company wants to increase revenue, and our metrics track that performance.

A personalized strategy

Whether your company is looking to gain a stronger presence in a market, build brand awareness with your customers, increase your mailing list or improve your revenues. We'll find the right option for you.

A complete document

The writer of this strategy paper provides several tips for maximizing your social media strategy.

The different stages of your document to be digital

We offer a complete audit of your business by phone, during an appointment, by e-mail or on social media. This exchange allows us to better understand your needs for the creation of your digital strategy. Collaboration is the key to bring your project to life.

Making contact

We organize together a physical or remote meeting to discuss and evaluate your project.

Company background study

We study your business to contextualize it and understand your project.

Quote submission

We design a quote that best suits your needs.

Project approval

Our team and you have agreed on the terms and conditions for the realization of your project.

Writing your document

Our team of experts work on writing your digital strategy document.

Delivered ready-to-use

Here you go. Your document written and delivered in all required formats. You are ready to perform online.


In order to accompany you in the best possible way in the maintenance and evolution of your project, we can offer you a service of management and maintenance of your document. Allowing to feed it if new digital trends come into play in your industry.

Customer follow-up

It is not because your project is over that we are no longer there for you. Our team will be there to help you and make your projects evolve if needed.


Let's make an impact together

Oyiana uses new methods to digitally thrive as a business. We know what works the best in the digital world.

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