Website Design

Reach new customers with your website, the ready-to-use solution for your professional online presence. 


Oyiana offers you a custom website creation service. From the simple showcase site to the e-commerce site, including portfolios, resumes, forums, institutional sites and others, we realize your project.

Showcase Website

Showcase your activity, the services you offer, your achievements and your contact information. 


Offer your business a virtual catalog, showcase your products, attract potential customers to your business.


Offer online shopping for products, services or downloadable content. Online payment system.

Institutional Website

City hall, school, association,... facilitate the exchange and the diffusion of information with your users.


Put forward your knowledge, your know-how, your assets and your experiences. 

Business Platform

Offer your company or your project a digital platform in the form of web software.

A responsive website

Whether your website is custom made or using a CMS (WordPress), we guarantee a perfect adaptation of it on any type of device. The "Responsive" technology offers an interface adapted to any type of device. Thus, your website will keep its look and will offer a great readability whatever the device. Your customers will have access to your website at any time.

Security & visibility

SSL Certificate

Gain the trust of your visitors: with the Wildcard SSL certificate, show that your website is reliable. Encrypted from end to end.

SEO Study

We work with all the tools offered by Google. This provides a trusted site, which greatly improves its visibility.

Secure Hosting

We work with hosting companies recognized worldwide for their performance and security. We host in France.

A selection of projects

A journey with Oyiana is the assurance of working with a digital structure with proven results and much more.

The stages of your mobile app website

We offer a complete audit of your business by phone, during an appointment, by e-mail or on social media. This exchange allows us to better understand your needs for the creation of your website project. Collaboration is the key to bring your project to life.

Making contact

We organize together a physical or remote appointment to discuss and evaluate your project.


We study your specifications and advise you on certain requests if necessary.


We design a quote that best suits your needs.


Our team and you have agreed on the terms and conditions for the realization of your project.

Website design

Our team of graphic and web designers works on the graphic design of your project. The logo, the brand identity and the template of the website are designed at this time.

Design Approval

You have now received all the graphic content for your project, we have made the requested changes.


Our team of web masters and web integrators (programmers) build your website following to detail the validated graphic design.


Our team of network engineers will set up your website and configure it to go live.


In order to accompany you in the best possible way in the maintenance and evolution of your project, we can offer you a service of management and maintenance of your website.


It is not because your project is over that we are no longer there for you. Our team will be there to help you and make your website evolve if needed.


Let's make an impact together

Oyiana uses new methods to digitally thrive as a business. We know what works the best in the digital world.

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